Seaholme Primary School Lunch Orders

Lunch orders are available on Monday and Friday. Lunch orders will need to be placed in the class lunch order tub before 9:05am. Please provide a large paper bag with correct money enclosed, listing the child’s name, class and ordered items.


Lunch Order Menu - summer/Autumn 2017

Hot Stuff

Party Pies                                              $1.50

Party Sausage Rolls                            $1.50

Meat Pie                                                $4.00

Sausage Roll                                        $3.50

Hot Dog                                                 $3.50

Tomato Sauce                                      $0.20



Salad                                                      $3.50

Ham & Salad                                       $4.00

Chicken & Salad                                  $4.00

(add cheese….50c)


mmmmm Savoury

Vegemite Scroll                                  $2.90

Pizza                                                     $2.90


Sweat Treats

Jam Donut                                           $1.60

Cherry Ripe Slice                                $2.50

Banana Bread                                     $3.00

Gingerbread man                               $2.50


Good For Ya

Banana                                                $1.00

Apple                                                    $1.00



Apple Juice 250ml                               $2.50

Tropical Juice 250ml                           $2.50


We purchase from many local suppliers and we cannot control their environments so foods may contain traces of nuts. Halal options are available in the meat pie & sausage roll. Correct change is appreciated.