Welcome to Seaholme Primary School.

It is my privilege to be the principal at Seaholme Primary, ably supported by our Assistant Principal, Ashley Craig.

Our world is rapidly changing. To succeed in this increasingly complex environment, children need an excellent all-round education based on powerful, authentic learning experiences that are delivered in a safe, intellectually challenging and personally rewarding environment. At Seaholme, we develop students’ abilities to solve problems effectively, think critically, access knowledge quickly and apply it creatively.

The passionate and professional staff at Seaholme Primary School work collaboratively to build a learning community that ensures all members of the school community are challenged to achieve their best in all they do. We help students to become good decision-makers, both for themselves and others, and to be excellent team players as well. The school’s academic achievement is consistently in excess of state-wide benchmarks.

Strong support from the community and the families who choose to enrol at the school ensures facilities, resources and equipment are modern, well maintained and used to support the learning programs across all levels of the school.

Merridy Patterson