Term 3

This term our main focus topic is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders

Focus Questions:
Who were Australia’s first inhabitants and how did they live? How did their lives change after European settlement?
Students will discover:
Who are the original inhabitants of Australia?
How long have they lived here?
How they record their beliefs?
How white settlement changed the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders?
Why did Europeans treat them differently?

Our Maths program includes:
Place value –  to include tenths, hundredths, thousandths
Patterns and Algebra
4 processes – decimal fractions
Mental / speed maths
Shape-2D and 3D
Tables (These need to be practised regularly at home)

A variety of books are available from the classroom library and the school library. All students should be taking 1-3 books home for the week. Reading is an important part of homework each night. Please continue to read to your child as well as listen to them read. Ask questions about the text which requires the student to think rather than just recall the facts. The main focus for reading this year is to develop comprehension skills. Many students are able to read the words on a page but often are not aware of the author’s intent.

Writing activities will focus on developing knowledge of the process of writing – brainstorm, plan, draft, edit, proof read. Students will be given weekly spelling words to learn based on the Spelling Investigations children complete in class. Handwriting will focus on posture, grip and starting points of letters. This term we are looking particularly at Explanation texts and Procedural texts.

Speaking and listening skills will involve students showing respect towards others when they are speaking, to speak clearly and loudly enough for all to hear in a group discussion. Both formal and informal oral work is included.

Technology use is a regular part of our classroom program. Students will be taught how to set up folders and to title and save all work. Many Maths and Literacy activities will be carried out on the Ipads or laptops. Please refer to the school website for great learning activities for home use. The children will be using the Powerpoint program this term to produce a presentation on Aboriginal tools.

All students are expected to read each night and to complete other set homework tasks.
Reading logs need to be at school each day and homework books at school by Friday.

Parent Support
Please take time to listen to your child read for part of the allocated time each night. Students need help with pronunciation of new words, word attack skills for difficult to pronounce words and observation of punctuation when reading sentences.
A chat about the story or a question or two will help with developing comprehension skills. Don’t just settle for the easy questions (recalling facts) try some in-depth questions that require some thinking.
Why do you think ..?  How would you have handled this? What could he have done instead of….?

    1. Please ensure your child has a drink bottle with water each day.


Excursions and Incursions
Our Aboriginal incursions this term are:
Wominjeka incursion – Tuesday July 18, (free incursion, won in a competition last year by Mr Wenzlau)
Aboriginal for a day – Wednesday August 9,
Messenger Dogs (Theatre play) – Tuesday August 1 (free, whole school incursion)

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to make an appointment. Please keep in mind that we are not available when meetings are scheduled. (Monday A.M./ P.M, Tuesday A.M., Wednesday P.M


Frances Brown, Anna Lancia, Chris Romeyn and Chris Wenzlau.