Term 2

During Term Two the grade 3/4 students will be working on the Minibeast Inquiry Unit, “Are Minibeast helpful to our Environment?”
Some of the focus questions will be;
How are mini beasts important to our environment?
How do mini beast life cycles differ?
What impact do mini beasts have on our environment?
How do humans interact with mini beasts?

In Spelling, the focus will continue to be on Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling Investigations. In Reading we will be concentrating on Comprehension strategies such as Questioning (Literal and Inferential) and developing our Visualisation and Summarising skills. In the Writing component of the Curriculum we will focus on Persuasive writing and Information reports as well as improving our handwriting skills

Maths will continue to focus heavily on the four processes, time tables and automatic response activities. Some of the other areas we will be looking at include Place Value, Mass, Mapping, Data and Fractions.

The busy term also includes the Seaholme Cross Country and camp to the Lady Northcote Recreation camp in Bacchus Marsh as well as various other activities such as a Minibeast incursion and Musica Viva.