Performing Arts -  Johannah Bansky

Term 1.

Musical games for developing skills such as concentration, beat and rhythm skills, singing skills and cooperation skills.
Exploring and developing skills and processes on the guitar to develop a repertoire of songs using easy chords, including the National Anthem ( in order to build up an accompaniment group for Assembly), Happy Birthday and a selection of other popular 2 and 3 chord songs.
Exploring and developing skills, processes and music reading and performance skills on ukulele through the Black Belt Ukulele Course.
Students will develop their understanding of music from other cultures and times through the ‘Listening Room 3′ Program which incorporates music from Baroque to modern times.

Musical games for developing skills such as concentration, beat and rhythm skills, singing skills and cooperation skills.
Exploring and developing music skills and processes through the Black Belt Recorder Course. This course develops their ability to play and read music notes, music symbols and develop an expanding grasp of beat and rhythm.
Students will develop some basic knowledge of and skills on ukulele.
Students will explore music from other times and cultures through the ‘Listening Room 2′.

Music rhymes and chants and games to develop the sense of beat and understanding of the difference between beat and rhythm and the use of pitch.
Students will explore the elements of music through using tuned and untuned percussion to accompany a repertoire of songs from the Interactive Music Room Program Level 2.

Performing Arts – David Grech

Term 2

In Performing Arts with Mr. Grech this term the Preps will continue to play drama games. These games will enable the children to continue to become more comfortable presenting to the grade. The children will attempt to become different characters, such as an old person, a superhero, a cartoon character, and so on.

Grades 1/ 2s
In Performing Arts with Mr. Grech this term the Grade 1/ 2 Children will be playing different drama activities and games. These activities will enable the children to develop their characterization skills. The activities will concentrate on improving skills that reflect different types of body language and different character voices.

Grade 3/4s
Characterisation work will continue with the grade 3/4s. Improvisation games will be played where they will have to play a character in a situation: e.g: being interviewed by the police/ reporter.

We will be looking at presenting some very short plays that require the children to perform “characters”, such as the Big Bad Wolf or a Policewoman, etc., and we will work on improving aspects of characterization, such as body language and voice modification to help develop these characters more fully.

Grade 5/6s
The children will be placed in groups and will work together to write a play/film script which they will perform or film using the ipads. Emphasis will be placed on remaining on script and not adding or ad-libbing. The students will be encouraged to use identifiable characters in the scripts (Mum, Police, etc,) to assist with honing body language/ character voice skills.