Term 1 – Physical Education Overview

The Physical Education program during Term 1 this year has a broad range of skills and personal achievement goals depending upon age, grade and overall school sporting commitments. The cornerstone of physical education is improving fitness, developing good sporting behaviours and life skills and sport and game specific skills.

Physical Education for Prep students will focus on developing improved fitness, personal physical awareness and cooperative skills when participating in physical activities. Following rules within games situations, as well as trialing and testing solutions to movement challenges are also important to the program.  Students will practise fundamental movement skills to develop hand and eye, as well as feet and eye coordination.

The grades 1 and 2 program this term will continue to develop fundamental motor skills while practising kicking, passing and games skills using a range of different types and shapes of balls. They will also identify rules and fair play when creating and participating in physical activities.

The grades 3 and 4 program will focus on specific games and physical skills in preparation for the school cross country event next term, as well as game skills specific to interschool sports in preparation for their move into grades 5 and 6. They will begin to understand the benefits of being fit and physically active and discuss links to the community, such as local sporting clubs and associations and how these can promote health and wellbeing.

The grades 5 and 6 program will focus on how to work collaboratively and play fairly as they participate in sport more broadly through the interschool sports program and school sporting carnivals, such as cross country and district swimming sports. The term focus is on game specific skills to support the summer interschool sporting program as well as running endurance in preparation for the school and district cross country events.