Students will be focusing on the following strategies to assist them when reading:

P1Reading Strategies:
Tracking: Point to the words
Eagle Eye: Look at the picture
Lips the Fish: Say the first sound

Comprehension Strategies:
Predicting: Readers make predictions based on the cover page and title of the text. During the book students will be encouraged to check their predictions and discuss.
Retelling: Readers retell the main events in sequence.
Making Connections:  Readers relate what they read to personal experiences.

P2- This term we will be focusing on the genres of Recount and Procedural writing
- The students will be developing their skills in:
- Forming their letters correctly
- Writing on the lines
- Copying from scribed text
- ‘Having a Go’ at writing independently with the support of word walls and alphabet charts.
- Leaving finger spaces between words
- Capital letters at the beginning of the sentence
- Placing full stops at the end of a sentence




Students will be explicitly taught the letters and sounds of the alphabet and will investigate onset and rime. Children will be have the opportunity to read, write and spell high frequency words. (These are words which are used most       frequently in your child’s reading and writing.) We will be focussing on the Red Star words this term.



- Counting forwards and backwards 0-10
- understanding and connecting names, numerals and quantities
- recognising, modelling, reading, writing and ordering numbers to at least 10
- recognising, describing Australian coins
- basic addition using concrete materials, number lines and  number stories
- identifying place value (ones, tens and hundreds)
- making estimations and checking answers
- exploring calculators

- mass (using language such as: holds more, heavier than, lighter than/using informal units)
- patterns (numbers, shapes and letters)
- time (understanding  seasons of the year, months of the year, days of the week, day and night, analogue o’clock times)
- identifying differences between 2D shapes



Our integrated topic for this term is Me, My Community and My World. We will be looking at ourselves, our senses, our families and rules within the school, community and the world.


Kind Regards,

Narelle Friend and Shannon Coffey