The Preps have returned to school re-energised and have settled into term 3 well. The following is some information about the activities and curriculum planned over the coming weeks.

Take Home Reading

We have made a few changes to our take home reading program.

Parents will collect a folder with students’ names and as the children read with the parent then their name will be marked off.  If there are students on the list that you have not listened to, please highlight the name to ensure those children are listened to first the following day.

Parents will be hearing children from both classes and once all children on the list have read to an adult, parents can then listen to their own student.

Pre Prep Reading Program

The Pre Prep Reading program will be commencing this term. Students from Prep C and Prep F will be attending Performing Arts and Mandarin.


Remember to leave Wednesday August 16th Free (6-8pm)

Our fabulous preps will be showcasing their wonderful work, investigations and constructions completed throughout terms 1,2 and 3.

We are all very excited!

Inquiry Unit

Life Cycles, Ecosystems and External Features

(Mini Beasts, Plants and Animals)

Students will be involved in discussions, observations and hands on activities around living things, their basic needs and their habitats.

We will be having an incursion later in the term relating to mini beasts.

We will inform parents when dates and times are confirmed.

We are looking forward to another exciting term.

Specialist Programs

Students will be participating in Mandarin, Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Physical Education.

Physical Education will be on Mondays for Prep C and Wednesdays for Prep F.

Library will continue to be on a Monday afternoon.

Thank you!

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all the parents who have helped in the classroom during terms 1 and 2.

Prep Team

Narelle Friend and Shannon Coffey