5/6  SCIENCE (Term One)
Through science, humans seek to improve their understanding and explanations of the natural world. Science involves the construction of explanations based on evidence and science knowledge can be changed as new evidence becomes available.
An important part of the science lessons this year will be challenging students preconceived ideas related to the natural disasters that occur in Australia. Students will investigate how fires start, what causes floods, how a tornado works, damage caused by cyclones that come inland and why earthquakes happen.
Students will participate in group activities that will include designing and carrying out investigations, making implements to record aspects of our weather and commenting on how Australians can better cope in the future when faced with these unexpected but devastating disasters.
3/4 SCIENCE (Semester One)
The Science curriculum aims to assist students to develop an interest in science as a means of expanding their curiosity and willingness to explore, ask questions about and speculate on the changing world in which they live.
This year students will learn how to carry out investigations and to form conclusions based on evidence collected. The topic of ‘Matter’ will provide some exciting activities for students to discover facts about solids, liquids and gases.
There will be many opportunities for students to develop their ability to work as part of a group and to take on specific roles within the group i.e. time-keeper. Students will begin using a science journal to show the development of their science skills and knowledge.
Parents need to be prepared for raids on their pantry as enthusiastic and curious students go home and continue their science discoveries and share their new found knowledge with families.


Robyn Florence