Term 3

This term’s inquiry unit is Healthy Lifestyles. Our focus questions include, “How do we maintain healthy and respectful relationships?”, “How does exercise influence our own and other’s health?”, “How does food influence our own and other’s health?” and “What can we do to support our mental health?”.

Students will be revising and expanding their mathematical knowledge and will engage in differentiated tasks that met their individual needs. Some of the areas covered this term include:
place value
the four operations
volume, capacity and mass

Students will continue to develop and extend their use of the comprehension strategies in Reading. Students will work on their personal reading goals during independent reading and student-teacher conference. They will also have the opportunity to discuss their reading and improve their use of the comprehension strategies while working in literature circles and reciprocal reading groups.

In Writing, we will be focusing on recounts, narratives and procedural texts. In their narratives students will focus on:
planning morals, themes and characters for their stories
the structure of picture story books
making specific word choices to suit their audience and purpose.

While working on their recounts and procedural texts they will be focusing on engaging their audience, expanding their vocabulary and including appropriate text features to enhance their writing.

Bike Education
This term all children will be involved in a Bike Ed program. On Thursday’s, each grade will be involved in an hour long Bike Ed lesson beginning in Week Three 3/8/17. This program helps children aged 9 to 13 years develop the skills they need to ride safely and independently on roads and paths.


We will continue to hand out homework each Friday. The purpose of homework is to encourage good time management skills. Homework books and completed Maths sheets need to be at school every Friday. Students should read for a minimum of 30 minutes a day at home and complete their diaries which need to be brought to school each day. Students will receive a term project with elements that need to be completed each week and signed by a parent or carer.

The children are also expected to practise and learn their times tables for homework.

There are many opportunities for your children to do practical Maths activities at home e.g. cooking, time, measuring things, dealing with money etc. There are many Maths websites with fantastic activities on them that are located in the Just For Kids section of the Seaholme website, as well as all of the children having access to Mathletics.


The 5/6 camp will be at Derby Hill, Maldon in the first week of Term Four. This camp involves the children riding bikes and investigating historic Victoria. Further information about the camp will be handed out early in Term Three. Please ensure you read all notes sent home about camp and complete all forms thoroughly.

Premier’s Reading Challenge

All of our classes are participating in the Premier’s Reading Challenge. We have a large collection of books in our library and it is hoped that all children will participate in the challenge and complete it. The challenge ends in August so any children who have not read many books yet need to get a move on. All children who entered the challenge should be able to finish it.

Parent Support

Encourage your child to eat healthy food and to drink plenty of fluids (preferably water).

All notices that require you to fill in information need to be returned to school as soon as possible. We are always looking for parent helpers to support our classroom program, attend excursions, help at the canteen etc. Please let us know if you can help in any way.

It would be good if children practise riding their bikes at home to help prepare them for the camp. Your children are required by law to wear a bike helmet when riding their bikes.

Toastmasters will run on Tuesdays beginning on the 25th of July in Week Two. Each grade will attend a one hour session, where students will build on their public speaking skills. At times the children will have to prepare speeches at home for their sessions. The children will also take on a variety of other roles during the Toastmasters program.

All children should have prepared their Icebreaker Speech for homework during the holidays so that it is ready for the beginning of Toastmasters.

Transition 6 -7
On Wednesday the 9th of August Mr Marshall will be notifying Grade 6 children about which secondary school they have been placed in via a sealed envelope addressed to parents.

Student reports and portfolios were sent home on the last day of Term Two. We encourage you to discuss your child’s report and portfolio with them. Then please complete the parent positive comment page and return your child’s portfolio back to school by the middle of Term Three.

Students will be participating in an excursion to Altona Library on Friday 4th August. The excursion will cover some general information about the library service, a tour of the branch and a collections-based task. A permission note and further information will be sent out early next term.

The number of students suffering from colds has been extremely high this semester which has depleted our stock of tissues. We ask that each student bring one box of tissues in the first week of Term Three.

If at any times you have concerns regarding your child’s education the school procedure is to contact the teacher concerned. We are happy to meet with parents.

Individual teachers will let you know when they are available for meetings – please make an appointment if you think you may require a lengthy meeting.

We look forward to your continued support in 2017.

James Barger, David Grech, Bec Swinton and Andrew Marshall.