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This button helps you:

TALK to a counselor about cyberbullying or anything else that has worried you.

REPORT cyber bullying or anything you’ve seen online that isn’t right.

LEARN how to stay safe online.



» Budd:e

» Hector’s World
» CyberQuoll
» Cybersmart
» Cybersmart
» Cybersmart
» Quiz
» Computer Security 

 » It’s My Life Bullying Education Sites

- A new site from DEECD aimed at children in grade 3 and upwards. You need to create a username and password to use this site.
- A great site for children in grades Prep – grade 2.
- A website aimed at children in Prep to – grade 4.
- The parent’s section of Cybersmart, an Australian Government initiative.
- The young kids section of Cybersmart.
- The kids section of Cybersmart aimed at Primary school children.
- What are your children doing on line? A quiz for parents.
- Keeping your computer secure. Parents should look at this site.
 - Choose a story strip and work out how to best deal with a bully. A great interactive site for kids to work out the best things to say to a bully.