Mandarin will be taught in Grade Prep and the 1/2 Grades at Seaholme Primary School. One 3/4 Grade will learn about Chinese culture and Mandarin.

Students will be learning to speak and understand the Mandarin Chinese language through exploration of the following concepts:
- Videos on Chinese culture and festivals
- Tone marks in Pinyin
- Words for routine introduction and greeting
- Numbers
- Colours
- Months
- Fruit
- Family members
- Animals
- Seasons
- Words for expression

We will be using the text book “Easy Steps to Chinese for Kids”.

Thank you!

Summer Chen

Languages Education
The Victorian Government’s Vision for Languages Education, released in November 2011, reiterates that the learning program in all Victorian government schools at every year level from Prep (Foundation) to Year 10 will include the study of a language in addition to English by 2025, starting with Prep in 2015. After extensive community consultation during 2013 & 2014, Mandarin was chosen as the language to be taught at Seaholme.


What are the benefits of studying a second language?

- Cultural awareness can best be learned through exposure to a second language
- Opportunities to read and enjoy the literature of other countries
- More sources from which to gain valuable information and insights
- Improved communication skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing
- Comprehension skills are more easily mastered
- Creative thinking is enhanced in second language students
- An experience that will make learning other languages even easier