Student reflections on Somers Camp

Somers camp was a fabulous experience for all. There was a total of 160 students from many different schools in the Hobsons Bay and Maribrynong area. Instead of cabins they had huts, which had 20 students and one visiting teacher in each one. The huts all had five rooms with no doors separating them. I was easily able to make friends with the 19 other girls in my hut. I got the other girls addresses so that I could keep in touch with them once the camp was over. Thank you Ms Swinton for coming.

Alison 5/6S


Somers Camp was so much fun! It was a challenge to think that you would be there for nine days, but when you got there, you forgot about it. The activities were amazing! There were so many activities, you couldn’t have a favourite subject. The staff were extremely nice and caring, and the food there was… delicious! My favourite thing I ate had to be steak with gravy and a side of vegetables. If I was asked to go back my answer would be a ‘Yes Please!’ When you leave, you feel heart broken because you feel like this is home. All your friends parting ways, going back to different schools. You remember the afternoon activities that you did; the disco, the concert and the campfire. Somers Camp was an experience of a lifetime.

Talon 5/6M